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Shorter lead times and higher project margins

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Project-Driven production based on customers’ specifications is one of the most complex production methods. It requires continuous coordination between engineering, project-planning, procurement and capacity planning to accommodate frequent changes in customers’ specifications, logistics and planning
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Our Customers
Trimergo ERP software is developed for project-driven businesses with engineering, procurement and construction processes as a part of each project. An overlap between those phases is common and inevitable to avoid unacceptable project lead times. Coordination becomes a real challenge.
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A Solution specifically designed and built for the project-driven industry. Project ERP Software optimizes the material and capacity planning, which are managed in the portfolio planning. Working with project ERP results in shorter lead times, higher project margins and optimal resource allocation.
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Trimergo news
Vanriet Rohaco chooses Trimergo ERP for project management
16 September 2016
Vanriet Rohaco Selects Trimergo’s Project ERP Software
Vanriet Rohaco has more than 50 years of experience in design, production and installation of transportation and robotic solutions. ...
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Proteus and Trimergo join Forces
1 June 2016
Proteus and Trimergo join forces
Apeldoorn/Waardenburg, the Netherlands – 6 September 2016 The aim of the group is to bundle expertise and culture of specialized ERP ...
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Samenwerking tussen Exact en Trimergo
28 May 2016
Exact and Trimergo enhance their software integration
Project-driven production based on customer’s specification is one of the most complex production methods. To achieve the best ...
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Developing the impssoible - Agile ERP for project driven manufacturers
12 May 2016
Developing the impossible – Project ERP
For a long time ERP has been considered as magical cure for process optimisation of all categories of manufacturing companies – ...
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