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Bring the right ERP solution to project-based companies

We support project-driven businesses with standard ERP software – specifically developed to manage their business processes, manufacturing unique products based on customers’ specifications. To realise this goal more than 40% of our employees is software engineer and contributes to the development of Trimergo ERP software.

For a long time ERP has been considered as the magical cure for process optimisation of all categories of manufacturing companies – and it is undeniable that many manufacturing companies have indeed received benefits from it. However, there is a category for which even a ‘stretched-ERP’ concept does not work at all effectively, this being project driven manufacturing. As ‘choice’ and ‘distinctiveness’ becomes more prevalent both to business and consumers, manufacturing companies are fast adapting to these market drivers. Businesses that can provide and manufacture unique or distinctive designs to order are growing fast in the western world, with products like special machinery, engineering companies, production lines, ships and yachts, steel construction, interior construction, and more.
The logistical concept for such companies is ‘engineer-to-order’ (ETO), ‘make-to-order’(MTO) or ‘configure-to-order'(CTO). However, today’s conventional ERP software is incapable of supporting true customer driven manufacturing, and therefore they are incapable of delivering true ETO, MTO or CTO.

Because their fundamental design is a material-driven MRP2, which is completely insufficient for customer-driven manufacturing. Conventional ERP systems are designed for production backward from the customer because they are material-driven from the bottom-up. So there is no room to adjust the material planning based on the customers’ preferences.

Trimergo ERP software is specifically developed for project-driven companies that require continuous coordination between engineering, project planning, procurement, and capacity planning to
accommodate frequent changes in customers’ specifications, logistics, and planning.

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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