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Companies in the material supply industry are very sensitive to economic fluctuations. So to remain competitive, businesses must continually streamline processes and keep a close watch on the bottom line.Material supply companies (e.g., facade construction, frame construction, interior construction, precast elements) have a strong project-orientation with a unique combination of in-house production and on-site mounting that requires intricate plans.



  • Fully-integrated graphical project planning that seamlessly connects procurement, production, and assembly departments
  • Project-based CRM for optimal contact and opportunity management
  • Integrated capacity planning for internal production departments and external assembly teams
  • Strong integration of material planning with resource planning that guarantees timely purchasing and reliable outsourcing
  • Workflow support for everyone involved in the project, including tasks and automated alarms (e.g., at-risk margin, process interruption, outstanding tasks)
  • Real-time project margin calculations, including expected vs. actual costs and forecasts at any stage of the project (expected end margin calculation is based on progress, hours, and purchasing)

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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