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The special machinery industry is distinguished by its unique products and intimate knowledge of its customers’ processes. In this environment, the engineering process propels the project. To meet delivery deadlines and maintain good project margins, companies must have constant collaboration between the engineering, procurement, assembly, and outsourcing departments. This is where Trimergo ERP can make a big difference.



  • Fully-integrated graphical project planning that seamlessly connects engineering, planning, procurement, production, and assembly departments
  • Real-time resource planning graphics to quickly identify and resolve constraints, by department and project
  • Complete support of the engineering process through department planning, integration of bills of material, and time tracking
  • Tight integration of procurement planning with project planning to immediately spot material delays and prevent expensive and time-consuming tuning mistakes
  • Workflow support for everyone involved in the project, including tasks and automated alarms (e.g., at-risk margin, process interruption, outstanding tasks)
  • Real-time project margin calculations, including expected vs. actual costs and forecasts at any stage of the project (expected end margin calculation is based on progress, hours, and purchasing)

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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