Essential tips for a successful ERP implementation

An ERP implementation is an extensive and often complex job. The idea alone gives many companies anxiety. This can be an unfair representation, because a smooth and successful implementation does not have to be such a painful experience.

The implementation of Trimergo ERP at Verhoef Access Technology, for example, went very smoothly. We asked Jan Snoey their manager of planning & logistics, what are some important tips for making the implementation process as smooth as possible. Jan has already gone through ERP implementation processes with previous employers, so he knows what he is talking about.

Jan: “It is essential that you organise your process and the support you receive. If you do not have any commitment from your management or from the departments that will work with the ERP-system, then you have a huge problem on your hands.”

Jan adds 3 further points.

1: A clear definition
“Define your implementation area well. There are many options with a new system, but your initial focus should be on your existing system, otherwise you will take on more than you can handle.”

2: Give key users space
“Do not just select key users per department, but allow them the time and space so that they can work undisturbed,” says Jan. “I wanted one key user from every department that worked with Trimergo. I made sure that they all had a separate, closed workspace. It is extremely important that the key users are fully focused on the implementation. There is a real chance that they would be disturbed at their normal workplace.”

3: Document Procedures
“Make sure that you document your procedures and that you create work instructions.” This seems obvious, but Jan adds something important: “Explain why you made these choices. The world is changing and what was right at the time may become obsolete in the future. It is then useful to know why you made these decisions at the time.”

Would you like to read more about the successful and smooth implementation of Trimergo at Verhoef Access Technology? Then download the entire customer case.