“Trimergo gives us better control of all our processes”

The Belgian company Blommaert Aluminium Constructions boasts a very extensive range of solutions for the inland shipping industry including aluminium constructions and mobile covers for land installations. Since 2006 the company has grown considerably, so there was a requirement for a total ERP solution for the business operations. Trimergo turned out to be the best fit.

“Other packages were based on Make to Stock-companies; they make something and then sell it. With us it worked the other way around; we sell something and then we make it completely bespoke for the customer. Few systems are equipped for this, but Trimergo is”, says Christophe Verhulst, currently International Sales Manager at Blommaert.

Ease of Use
After implementing Trimergo Project ERP software, Blommaert is seeing immediate benefits. “It is easy to use and accessible from any workplace. The amount of paperwork we had before has been greatly reduced. Everything has been put into Trimergo and can be accessed centrally.”

Better control
He continues: “We have better control of all our processes. Trimergo is a central information point that everyone in the organisation can view at any time. This is really a big advantage. Previously we often had to search in our archive. At times this was very very time consuming.”

Valuable insight
The chance of errors has been reduced significantly and information no longer goes missing. Verhulst: “You can always trace the history of a project within Trimergo. If you contact a customer, you have all the required information to hand.”

Download our complete customer case and find out how the implementation process went at Blommaert and learn how to avoid some common ERP-pitfalls.