Vanriet Rohaco Selects Trimergo’s Project ERP Software

Vanriet Rohaco has more than 50 years of experience in design, production and installation of transportation and robotic solutions. Located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Vanriet Rohaco equips the UK market with customer-specific innovative transportation systems. Small-scaled systems, larger systems and systems counting several millions are fully internally managed – from designing to delivering and providing after sales service.

Business processes are supported by various software applications. A reason for Vanriet Rohaco to look for an integrated solution to optimally manage projects that are becoming more and more complex. After a thorough investigation, Vanriet Rohaco has independently selected Trimergo’s project ERP software in combination with Exact Globe for accounting. Undoubtedly paying attention to the fact that the Dutch sister company has been successfully working with Trimergo ERP for years. Decisive for the selection however is that Trimergo recognizes and supports project-driven production processes of Vanriet Rohaco as no other ERP software provider.

This choice marks the first joint implementation by Trimergo and Exact outside the Benelux countries. This implementation will be conducted in a close cooperation with Trimergo’s partner Glantus from Gloucester.