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Damen Shipyards builds cargo ships and tankers between 2,500 and 15,000 tons for shipping worldwide. The shipyard was founded in 1955 and is strongly positioned in the market. In its search for growth opportunities, the company chose Trimergo ERP Software.



DS wants to grow. It wants to build more ships with the same number of people and better control of the internal processes. It therefore decided to implement a new ERP package.
Metz: “We knew that we could achieve part of this growth with major efficiency improvements. We’d been using AccountView, supplemented with numerous different individual systems, programs, Excel sheets and version lists. We literally had lists of lists and checklists of checklists. Even looking up specific data was extremely time consuming. We wanted greater insight and a better overview.” The focus was therefore on a single company-wide system and working method, i.e. ERP software which combines planning and logistics.



  • List the needs of each department before the definitive selection
  • Involve the departments in the implementation too, it might seem a lot of hours, but later adjustments cost more
  • Choose a representative from each department who can present the interests of their department
  • Record specific actions for a department in a handbook: how does this work in Trimergo ERP?
  • Give each department training shortly before implementation so that everything is fresh in their memories
  • Support the users carefully on the day you go live
  • Appoint someone in the company to be available for the implementation; ERP is not a facilitating but a control package for your business processes

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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