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Since its foundation in 1976, Mercon Steel Structures B.V. has been dedicated to the design and fabrication of steel constructions for customers that specialize in extraction and refinery of oil, petrochemistry, energy distribution, road construction, and hydraulic engineering, nationally and internationally. Mercon has expertise, management system, and technical facilities (including two docks that are linked to the open sea) to deliver turnkey projects.

The scope of services and multidisciplinary activities extends from engineering, procurement, construction, manufacturing, conservation and assembly/installation to commissioning/testing on the customer’s site. A great variety of delivered projects includes offshore installations and onshore constructions, for petrochemical industry, for example, as well as a wide range of infrastructural projects, assembly, and maintenance activities or voluminous storage systems.

Mercon specializes in production as well as assembly, so logistics, project and capacity planning are closely tied to each other. Mercon has experience with extensive long-term orders that have strict deadlines and where customers’ wishes need to be implemented on the run as well as with small production projects. Mercon can successfully deliver on time and on budget only thanks to an effective cooperation between the departments. Mercon consciously selected the ERP solution of Trimergo and not a traditional ERP system because in Trimergo planning is the core, and the software is easy-to-use and flexible. Within Mercon, all departments involved are managed in the planning so that there is one supply chain in one application.


Mels Vermeer, ICT Manager Mercon: “When we were selecting a program, what distinguished Trimergo was the knowledge of the nature of project-driven companies and related problems and solutions that their consultants showed. They spoke “our language”. They knew which problems may arise in project-based companies like ours. So we could first sketch a planning of a project and refine it at a later stage. This is recognition. As for functionality, the program, especially in windows, is easy-to-use as almost in any window you can click through to windows with details and/or related windows.”

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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