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SAS produces complex deep water pipelay systems. Production lead times vary from 6 months to 18 months. This makes it important to monitor every aspect of such a project. SAS needed a system that would provide updates at any time about the budget, costs, planning, acquisition and hours. Based on these needs, SAS procured project ERP software and integrated this with their current CAD and accounting system.

By integrating CAD with ERP, SAS took a great leap forward. In 2008, as the final piece of the automation, the PDM system of SmarTeam was integrated with Trimergo ERP. As a result, the engineer has direct interactive access to the project process between CAD, PDM and ERP.
SAS was founded in 1896. The company now has 85 employees in the Netherlands alone, branches in Brazil, USA and Singapore, and is the global market leader in deep water pipelay systems. SAS supplies pipe tensioning equipment, pipe transport systems, winches and davits (hoisting installations).



A minor change in a project can have very far-reaching consequences throughout the process. This can no longer be manually controlled. The extensive automation has optimised lead times and massively improved project efficiency. A situation without integrated automation is now inconceivable.



The integration of the engineer in the project process provides the right information for making design choices. Insight into the logistic status of equipment saves a lot of time and money. In the PDM-Trimergo connection, the engineer is leading in the design process. All the data from Trimergo is sent to PDM and vice versa. Exchange takes place on parts lists, projects, activities and logistic information. It is also possible to link parts lists directly to the right projects.

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