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Since Trimergo was founded in 2001, it has performed more than 150 implementations. Factors that are the key to a successful implementation:

  • Expertise – Trimergo’s many years of experience in implementing ERP software ensures our understanding of your business processes and how to optimize them
  • Mutual monitoring – collaborating on the plan and monitoring progress, from the firt step until the launch, is a responsibility of both Trimergo and our customers
  • Engagement – your Trimergo consultant is fully engaged throughout the implementation process to quickly address any issues that may arise and find an optimal solution
  • One language – Make sure that your team and consultants use the same terms and understand them the same way
  • Rapid return on investment – Trimergo thrives on bringing efficiencies to your business that become evident even during the implementation process
  • Same philosophy – like your company, Trimergo is project oriented; we adapt our implementation processes to your business



1. Determining Priorities and Phases

At first, when you choose Trimergo T2, we’ll discuss the implementation framework – goals, strategy, planning, and how Trimergo can assist and support you afterward.


Phase 1: Key processes – project administration, logistics, time tracking, planning
Phase 2: Multi-project and department planning, CAD/PDM integration
Phase 3: Sales and service management
2. Project Team and Contacts

A Trimergo consultant acts as the main contact for your project team, which is comprised of people who can represent each area of your workflow. Your consultant will work with you to establish an appropriate support structure.

3. Installation of Trimergo T2

Your business data is typically entered within two weeks so that your team can start exploring the software.

4. Defining the Workflow

Selecting an ERP software is the first real step in the implementation process and redefining your workflow. The questions here are: What are the goals or your company? What do you want to achieve? Which ERP software can fit best?
Redefining your workflow is an essential phase, to make sure that the selected software – Trimergo T2 – helps you realizing these goals. Together with the next step, it is the most time-consuming.
How do you want to work in the coming years? You can simulate, evaluate, and adjust the process – from quoation to the calculation of actual costs. At this point users discover how the software works. Our devoted engagement in this phase will ensure acceptance and ease-of-use when you’re live.

5. Data Transfer

It’s often necessary to cleanse and optimize data related to customers, items, suppliers, and prices. Trimergo can convert and import these files to Trimergo T2, if required.

6. User Manual and Training

Comprehensive manuals give your users step-by-step instructions on your workflow, including all applicable integrations such as CAD, PDM, time tracking, and accounting modules. Trimergo provides in-person training for key people, which takes a few hours (not days!). They, in turn, can help end users, unless you prefer that Trimergo takes care of that.

7. Preparing to Go Live

The transition and adoptation of the new software is thoroughly planned. Trimergo documents details and follows this plan with you to ensure that when you go live all your data, including current projects and orders, is neatly transferred to Trimergo T2.

8. Launch

In nearly all cases, customers completely switch to Trimergo T2Trimergo T2 : old system out, Trimergo in…and back to work! During the launch, your Trimergo consultant is there with you.

9. Evaluation and Optimization

Trimergo strongly recommends planning an evaluation before going live, so that you can use the full potential of Trimergo T2. During this phase we collaboratively assess whether the workflow is optimal, if your goals are achieved, and if further optimization is required.


Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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