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Selecting ERP software is an important decision. The right application will transform the way you manage your business by streamlining processes, providing access to critical business data, and automating tasks. It’s important to select software that aligns to your current needs, without complex workarounds, and grows with your business.

Take the Trimergo Match Test to see if Trimergo T2 fits your business process. Only then you can maximize your return on investment.



1. Project-based top-down production

Your orders or projects follow this pattern: customer request –> project specification –> engineering –> bill of material and detailed planning –> assemby –> end product. Often a project is first outlined and details, such as bills of material and project plans, are added later.

Question 1: Does your company (or a part of it) focus on projects? Y/N

2. Machinery utilization is secondary in the project planning

Your primary goal is to deliver your project on time and on budget, not to optimize machinery utilization. Outsourcing is not an issue if it brings flexibility and speeds up the process.

Question 2: Is your machinery utilization secondary in the project plan? Y/N

3. Engineering integration

Engineering is a part of each order and is based on customer’s requirements. The engineering department is a vital part of the project – it determines time frames and material requirements. Plans are subject to change during the project.

Question 3: Does the engineering department play an integral role in your business process? Y/N

4. Material management per project

Materials are purchased specifically for projects, as much as possible, for current prices. Only a minimal quantity of materials is stocked. In addition to standard items, you often have project-specific or custom items.

Question 4: Do you usually purchase materials per project? Y/N

5. Focus on capacity

Capacity planning is complex and fluctuations are normal because there is no predictable production or purchasing schedule. Intermediate stocks can be used too. Man-hours are exceeded earlier than materials.

Question 5: Is capacity planning an important part in your company? Y/N

6. Project margins determine your company’s performance

In assessing your company’s performance, revenue and expenses per department are less important than overall project margins. Total margins of all projects cover the overhead and generate profit.

Question 6: Is your business performance determined by the sum of all project margins? Y/N

7. Overlap of business processes

A quotation is not yet signed but your engineering department is already working on the project. And, although the plan is not yet final, the procurement department has started purchasing? Any mistakes in the engineering department lead to a snowball effect in procurement, production, and delivery.

Question 7: Do various departments work on the same project at the same time? Y/N

8. Flexible procurement

Your engineering and procurement departments need to be as flexible as possible in their material requirements and ordering processes. Most business activities accommodate a dynamic planning process, even during production.

Question 8: Is your company strongly oriented on flexibility? Y/N

9. Planning

In your dynamic project process, planning is an essential stepping stone to good communications between business activities. All activities, including materials, human resources, and capacity management, are structured in the plan to meet a project deadline with less rush and cost over-runs.

Question 9: Is central planning of human resources, capacity, and materials essential? Y/N


Mostly “Yes”
If you answered “Yes” to most of the questions, your company is project-based. Trimergo T2 Enterprise is the best ERP solution for your business process and priorities.

“Yes” and “No”
Have you answered “No” to a couple of questions? Then your company is likely project-oriented but you probably also earn revenue from trade, service, or mass production. If so, your business model is similar to 50% of Trimergo customers. For a perfect fit, it’s important that projects are a strategic part of your business. If you’re unsure, please contact us or attend a web-based workshop to find out if Trimergo T2 is the right ERP solution for you.

Mostly “No”
If you answered “No” to most of the questions, you are probably a traditional production company with mass production, trade, and service. In this case Trimergo T2 is not the ideal ERP solution for you

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