Confirm your T2 Patch Level to Trimergo Support

On the 17th of October the current Java certificate, which provides the digital signature of the Trimergo software, will expire. Therefore, Trimergo has updated the certificate in T2 to ensure the protection and safety of our users. To benefit from this, we need to make sure all our customers are on the required patch level.

Listed below, you will find the required minimum Patch Level version that needs to be installed

T2G versions:

  • T2G SP2 PL36
  • T2G SP3 PL29

T2H versions:

  • T2H SP1 PL23
  • T2H SP2 PL21
  • T2H SP3 PL26
  • T2H SP4 PL18
  • T2H SP5 PL08

Note: Under Trimergo Help> About> Software data> Version you can see which PL is installed.