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In project driven manufacturing companies almost everything is different. Every project contains unique customer designed elements and stocks are very limited. The customer defines, together with the engineers, the final product. Therefore, not all the information is available at the start of the project, forcing companies to work with dynamic project specific bills of materials. Controlling this aspect in you process requires continues coordination between sales, engineering, procurement and other departments. Trimergo ERP offers the right features to handle these situations.

Besides calculating, Trimergo ERP will help your company to manage projects and control budget pro actively. In particular, comprehensive project management and advanced budget management strongly support companies with long-term, complex and unique projects.With Trimergo

Budget Management budgets can be created at an early stage, even if bills of material and work planning are not definite yet. Budget structure can be designed so that it fully matches the calculation method that is being used and does not need to be identical to the project structure. So one of material types, hydraulic, for example, which appears in various bills of material and purchase orders in a project, can be budgeted. Then this budget reflects all incurred and expected costs in all parts of the project.

This way budget can be controlled at any moment, adjusted, revised, and approved as definite, if required. Project manager can instantly see which costs related to hours and material have been changed since last session so that adjustments can be applied with all responsibility. Initial budget is always available as well, for reference or comparison.

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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