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Planning is crucial for project-based companies. That’s why it’s at the heart of our software. Business planning, project planning, and capacity planning form a vital link between project phases, departments, customers, and suppliers. Trimergo ERP empowers you with extensive and user-friendly plan boards.

Quickly access a graphical overview of all current projects, service orders, and quotations with delivery dates. You can, for example, immediately see capacity changes in specific departments. Built-in filters and color-coded bullets help you scan key data, including margin per project, projects by customer or project manager, and progress.

Quickly create multi-level plans from scratch or based on model plans. You can edit, move, and link lead times and add or delete activities. From the project plan, you can view delivery times for critical materials and simply click to open corresponding orders – this is a unique feature in Trimergo ERP.

Capacity demands in projects appear as work orders in the department planning . You can simply drag and drop these work orders to the available employee/team/machine. Further, you can force departments to remain within the lead time of an activity/project and generate work orders or work lists in the department planning.


Project-based companies often have complex procurement and logistics requirements. Bills of material that are created during the engineering phase are subject to change – right up to delivery, which affects purchasing, ordering times, inventory management, production, and outsourcing. With Trimergo ERP, the process is seamless – whether your company covers material requirements through purchasing, stock reserves, production or outsourcing.

Trimergo ERP supports dynamic and growing multi-level bills of material, which are linked to the plan. Bills of material can be standard or project-specific. They can be entered directly or imported via CAD/PDM integration or an external calculation system. Approved changes in bills of material are checked for logistic consequences and reported to procurement.

Delivery time of materials is often crucial. In Trimergo ERP purchasing tasks are linked to project activities to signal whether materials can be delivered on time, in case the plan or delivery times change. This provides robust logistic and financial management, plus its extensive purchasing options can be applied across projects. Big projects can adopt billing plans.

Trimergo ERP manages standard and project stocks. It supports multiple warehouses, order recommendations, and warehouse transportation. Its advanced stock management system considers planned material requirements and deliveries.

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