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Production and outsourcing with Trimergo ERP Software System

Project-driven organisations require much more flexibility from their ERP system than manufacturers of standard products.

With Trimergo ERP you can easily handle stand-alone and project-specific production orders. Production orders consider operations with routings and adjustment (SMED) times, along with bills of material. You can link production orders to the project plan, and even to the work order level.

All job orders with the status ‘Released for Production’ that are planned for a particular period or department can include bar codes and be printed from Trimergo T2 directly. Bar codes include
information about related project and activities. Required material and work instructions can be listed there as well. When work has been performed, respective bar code can be scanned so that only number of hours worked needs to be entered and status changed, if necessary. Indirect hours can be recorded as well.

As hours and statuses of job orders are recorded directly, production progress is reflected in production planning and master planning instantly in Trimergo T2. Further, Trimergo T2 increases efficiency as data does not need to be first filled in on paper and then re-entered in the program. And, last but not least, scanning of bar codes ensures that correct job orders with correct hours are neatly registered, no wrong project codes or work types.


With Trimergo ERP you are able to manage the outsourcing of activities and easily create orders for suppliers . Further, Trimergo ERP helps monitoring progress and status of material during this process. One of the ways is to start with operations. These can be set up with all necessary details, default supplier and codes, to be grouped later, if needed. Operations can be added to routing in bills of material and thanks to the integral approach, once linked, they appear in related projects and planning as well, so that any of the operations can be outsourced from a planning ad hoc, if necessary.

As soon as an operation is created, outsourced material that should be delivered to a supplier can be added. Each material can undergo one or more operations and can be included in a purchase order or a purchase quotation afterwards. When a purchase order is received, respective activity is marked as completed in the planning right away. To monitor delivery and notify of potential changes, tasks and alerts can be generated.

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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