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It’s important, when selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, that the application is aligned with your business processes. This can be very challenging in large corporations with subsidiaries that have different workflows.

Many corporations choose SAP, Oracle, Microsoft software for its ideal international rollout support and profound functionality in areas such as finance, trade and standard production. However, companies with project-driven subsidiaries may find these systems not optimized for their project-based business processes. Trimergo provides the best of both worlds because it is a best-of-breed system for project-driven enterprises and it is integrated with systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and more.


Integration of Engineering Systems, ERP System and Finance Application

Users in project-oriented subsidiaries need specific functionality to manage their business. So they often use a variety of software tools, creating a mosaic of separate systems – tailored processes, planning packages, and a bunch of Excel spreadsheets. It’s a high-maintenance and high-overhead IT structure that lacks integration with logistics, project planning, capacity. Trimergo ERP software however, seamlessness integrates logistics, project planning and capacity, and can be easily integrated with your financial application and other back office.



Primary project processes – planning, capacity management, and procurement – are easily managed in Trimergo ERP. Supporting processes, such as human resources management , accounting and finance are run in the financial application. Bi-directional integration of the two systems is accomplished using iDoc technology. This guarantees that financial data, including work-in-progress details and outstanding liabilities, is always up-to-date.

Additional details such as employees, man-hours, and budgeting, is also seamlessly integrated. Any processes that don’t need to be shared between the systems can be exempted, based on requirements of the subsidiary and the parent company. The idea is that users don’t see ‘double’ windows – for example engineering in CAD/PDM, operations in Trimergo ERP software, and back office in the financial application.

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