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Yearly companies manually process thousands and thousands of purchase (AP) invoices, which takes a lot of time and requires particular attention of administrators. No wonder, invoices need to be booked manually, sent to be approved by accounting and afterwards disappear in an archive. This process is not only highly time-consuming but also error-prone – invoices can be easily lost – and costly – archives take too much room.

To resolve this situation, Trimergo, with support of ScanSys, a leader in the market of automated invoice processing, has developed the Trimergo Invoice Scanning module. It is an extension module that allows automatic processing of purchase invoices in Trimergo ERP software saving numerous time-consuming and costly operations. With this module, it is quick and easy to access invoices, check their statuses and approve them from any spot in Trimergo ERP.



Place one or several received invoices in the scanner. These are scanned and saved as PDF files. Integrated software from ScanSys – ImageCapture for Invoices – reads these documents and links this data to Trimergo T2. All relevant details, such as customer’s ID and invoice ID are found automatically. After that Trimergo links this data to receipts and orders, for example. If necessary, tasks can be set up so that accountants automatically receive a reminder to approve scanned invoices. The PDF files are attached as documents to respective AP invoices in T2.
In one word, this module takes care of most operations that you had to perform manually.



The Invoice Scanning module brings a number of valuable benefits as it

  • Supports various types of invoices: based on purchase orders, created directly for projects without purchase orders or directly using a cost center, for costs not related to projects
  • Saves time and money: as invoices are processed automatically
  • Operates efficiently: quickly books, processes and approves invoices
  • Provides a comprehensive overview: no lost invoices when approving
  • Stores data digitally: which ensures transparent administration accessible from any spot in T2

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