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Trimergo Material Scanning takes care of material handling in the Trimergo ERP system. Thanks to the bar code scanner support, material issue is processed quicker, easier, and error-free.



Many companies experience that sometimes material can be unexpectedly taken from stock and used in a project. It happens particularly often in project-oriented companies, as they cannot foresee all material requirements. It is though highly important that all material costs are registered in that project. And that is where it often goes wrong. To prevented it, the process of issuing material can be automated. All that you need to do is to scan the bar code of an item and enter the quantity and the ID of the related project (specifying an activity, if necessary). The rest is taken care of by the scanner, which validates the data, and Trimergo ERP.



No matter how well material issue is organized, there is no company with stocks that does not face stocktaking and stock adjustment now and then. Time-consuming and error-prone processes. A bar code scanner simplifies this task significantly. A user can scan an item ID, check the stock in Trimergo and after stocktaking enter actual quantities. This can be done automatically every time when more material is taken from stock than allowed according to Trimergo. This way no great stock adjustments are needed.



If material required in various projects should be taken at once, picklists can be created. Though even here it is possible that a wrong item will be taken. How many descriptions or item IDs do not strongly resemble each other? Bar code scanning can provide invaluable help here too as having scanned the ID of an item the user knows precisely whether the correct material is being taken. What is more, the scanner determines the optimal order to pick material, which brings additional efficiency.



Bar code scanner can increase efficiency in processing trade orders of your desk customers as well. You simply create a trade order in Trimergo, select a customer, a method of payment and take a bar code scanner to the warehouse. Scan an item ID and enter the quantity that your desk customer takes. Trimergo processes the trade order further and generates packing slips and invoices, if required.



  • Up-to-date information: material status is always up-to-date thanks to constant synchronization
  • Time economy: picked material is registered directly – no lost items, no items that have been used but are not recorded
  • Clear overview: detailed picture of which material is available and where
  • Accuracy: only material that is actually used is registered in Trimergo, when scanned
  • Efficiency: optimal usage of warehouses, stocks, and time.

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