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Trimergo Project ERP Software

Privacy Statement Trimergo

Trimergo, hereafter “we”, process personal information on this website. We do so to provide everyone with the best service and to reach our targets. This privacy statement explains why and how we use your personal information.
By using our website, you confirm that you have read this privacy statement and that you agree to be bound by it.

Which personal information is processed on our website?
When you fill in a form on our website, we collect (depending on the form), your first and last name, company name, address, place of residence, phone number, gender, email address, participation details of events and/or training. Additionally, we collect data related to areas of interest (via the search option on this website), IP address, cookie ID and surfing behaviour.

We collect information for research – to understand our customers better, so that we can adjust our services accordingly. This website uses cookies (text files placed on your computer) and tracks unique users based on their IP address to analyse the website and better understand how visitors use the site.
To place these pseudo-anonymous cookies, we ask for your consent by displaying a cookie bar, which you see when you visit the website for the first time.
We use this anonymous information to see how the website is used, to create reports about the website activity and to provide other information and services based on your activities on our website.

How long do we store your information?
When you fill in a contact form or a sign-up form on our website or when you send an email, information that you provide is stored as long as required, the length of time very much depends on the type of form/or the contents of your email. This enables us to provide a comprehensive response and to process any related requests.
How is your information used?

• Recruitment (marketing), such as vacancies
• Improvement of services
To improve our services, we look at the clicking behaviour on the website with the help of Google Analytics. This way we can analyse, for example, which content is read most often, how you use our website and how you arrived on our website.

Special data
We process one specific type of special personal information – gender. We do that purely to be able to address you properly – as Ms or Mr.

Rights of related
Following GDPR, everyone has legally bound rights. We do our best to comply with accepted practice as much as possible. You can send a request to get access to the personal information that we collect. You can ask us to improve or even delete this data.

We do not have any data protection officer. Do you have questions or remarks? Please contact us at info@trimergo.com or by phone at +31 55 577 7371.

Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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