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 Exact integrated with Trimergo T2  

Dynamic Business Software for more than 200,000 organisations worldwide

Exact inspires SMEs to grow. They carry the economy and we support them. Like SMEs, Exact does not fear the unknown. We are ambitious and enjoy leading the field. We know the challenges and make software to overcome them. Our innovative solutions focus on the business needs of our clients. Exact offers SMEs and their accountants a view of today and insight into tomorrow. This is how we help our clients all over the world to fulfil their ambitions

www.exact.com    info@exact.com    UK +44 1784 221200


 Trimergo software with SAP   SAP helps 320,000 clients worldwide to work together more efficiently and to use data more effectively

SAP was founded in 1972 and is the global market leader in business applications in the field of software and software services. SAP has more than 176,000 clients in 120 countries. The SAP Group has branches in all big countries and has 54,000 employees. Trimergo ERP can be integrated with the financial modules of SAP Business One and SAP ERP Financials

www.sap.com    info@sap.com    UK 0800 0852 631


 The ERP system of Trimergo integrated with Visma Accountview   With accounting as strong financial base, Accountview is used by more than 30,000 companies in the Netherlands

Visma Nederland is a subsidiary of Visma AS in Norway. Visma Software supplies AccountView software to more than 30,000 SME clients. With accounting as a strong financial basis, AccountView Software provides an integrated solution for wholesale and project administration, time management, accountancy, CRM, HRM and salaries. Visma delivers an open integration tool so that partners can easily integrate. The integration with Trimergo is based entirely on XML data exchange. AccountView software has general ledger, fixed asset and current asset functions.

www.visma.com    info-amersfoort@visma.com    NL +31 (0) 33 454 5111


 ScanSys and Trimergo   Smart software solutions for the automated processing of your purchase invoices, sales invoices & approvals

Scan Sys delivers smart software solutions for the digitisation of invoices and documents. Our product ImageCapture is flexible scan-and-recognise software which fully integrates with Trimergo ERP. Through the integration between our ImageCapture software and Trimergo ERP, your invoices are immediately recognised and linked to the right creditor in your administration. Based on the data in Trimergo ERP, an automatic booking proposal is generated whereby ledger accounts, project code, cost centre and other preferred settings are copied from the client database.

www.scansys.eu    info@scansys.nl    NL +31 (0) 15 310 20 40


Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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