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Trimergo ERP software integrated with Accountview   Insight, control and result – for financial departments of innovative organisations

Since 2003, we have been managing the financial aspects of Project and Service-driven organisations. We do this using AccountView Business Software which has an advanced link to the Trimergo ERP. The aim is to offer constant Insight, Control and Result to the organisation. A special feature of our organisation is that we not only focus on the Project and Service-driven organisations, but we are also very familiar with the primary processes as these are managed in Project and Service-driven organisations.

www.gevers-it.nl    info@gevers-it.nl    NL +31 (0) 20 218 17 80

Business Expert and Trimergo for quick and effective implementations   Implements and optimises your Exact software environment – for optimal returns

Exact software offers many possibilities, but how do you take advantage of its potential? Business Experts can help you. Do you still do too many things manually? Is an update required somewhere? Want to send management information reliably? Digitise your incoming invoices? From Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise to the Cloud solutions of Exact Online: our experienced business consultants know all the ins and outs. The final result is a solution which fits like a glove. Exact: as you want it.

www.businessexperts.nl     info@businessexperts.nl    NL +31 (0) 26 442 25 41

Trimergo and B4B implement software systems for project driven manufacturers  

Better results, organise your business more efficiently to be more effective

The Balance 4 Business Group (B4B) is one of Trimergo’s implementation partners. This partner makes the results of change controllable and predictable, due to their unique methodological approach. Among others, B4B applies her approach in (project)industry, construction, and healthcare.

www.b4bgroep.nl    info@b4bgroep.nl    NL +31 (0) 36 535 9340

 Specialist in Manufacturing processes  

Software applications that transform manufacturing processes

Glantus is a leading supplier of IT and software solutions to Manufacturers. Glantus offers a full suite of products specifically designed to optimise the supply chains of Manufacturers, as well as providing expert Consultancy, Development, Implementation and Support. Glantus has offices in Gloucester, UK and Ballycoolin, Ireland.

www.glantus.com    info@glantus.com    UK +44 (0) 1242 211 211

 Gradient Consulting implement the Trimergo ERP system  

Helping companies select, implement and improve how they work with their business information systems

Gradient Consulting are a highly regarded ERP consultancy providing businesses with practical, impartial advice on how to improve their bottom line through better use of ERP and business information systems. Established in 1997 Gradient have built up a formidable reputation for helping companies select, implement, and work better with their information systems. Through excellent working relationships with leading software vendors Gradient Consulting have extensive knowledge of the ERP marketplace. Gradient Consulting is based at Burnley, Lancashire, UK.

www.gradientconsulting.co.uk    UK +44 (0) 1282 46 37 10

 Contact Engineering Systems for Trimergo ERP Software  

All technical data in one place

Engineering systems delivers Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software that improves engineering processes in project- and manufacturing oriented businesses. This partner improves multi-discipline technical design, handle all requirements and specifications in their database for better reuse in your next project. They also do ERP integration to support a better component handling and purchasing process. Their concepts are based on decades of experience from the oil & gas service business where projects are complex and are aimed at standardization and improved productivity.

www.once.no    info@engsys.no    NO +47 (0)  38 10 40 60


Trimergo develops and implements innovative
ERP software for Project-Driven Companies

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